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21 Accelerated Thoughts Today

Who needs: no-sugar-coating, streetwise style, give-it-to-me-straight words?  Everyone…   “Everybody needs some kind of empowerment to help them make it through a busy and product life.” ~ Sharon Lee Zapata I am a LIST MAKER. I have been making lists for as long I can remember.  This is my way of learning anything new.  This is my way to remember new information. It’s […]

The Bitchy Business Briefs

Courage for Beginners

  “Courage is created by activity, rejection and results.” ~ Sharon Lee Zapata, Creator of The Bitchy Business Briefs    Today let’s squash a few bugs in the programming of how things are supposed to be. No lectures – just acceptance: You never know when the moment’s going to be squandered and left… And you […]


3 Life Hacks You Should Know

I have always been intrigued  with LIFE-HACKS! What is a life hack?  Well, let’s break it down kids – Dr. Seuss style.  LIFE HACK:  Little tips, tricks, things or information that make life a little easier === like running a sticky note between your keyboard keys to collect crumbs and computer lint.  Here are  three life hacks that will act like relational-lubricant. […]


2 Cocktails on Friday! Blackberry Jalapeno Margarita & Carrot Cucumber Margarita

Cocktails on Friday! Ode to the COCKTAILS ON FRIDAY’S!  Here is this week’s pick: We are tickled pink about having none other than Vianney Rodriguez, Award Winning & Nationally Recognized Cocktail Creator/Food Blogger!  AND co-author of Latina Twist [traditional & modern cocktails] as our guest!  She is definitely an INFLUENCER!  Today we are posting two awesome cocktails […]

The Bitchy Business Briefs

10 Lessons Learned from a Life Full of Changes

1.) Maybe the point IS that there is no point… There will be situations when we just don’t have time to make points about ‘things’. There are only 168 hours in a week.  I am real pinche´[…that means stingy in Spanish] I am stingy with my time now a days. I have learned how to bamboozle […]

The Road To Somewhere that nobody took

The Road to Somewhere That Nobody Took

I write as if my reader is about to potty their pants! Because we are all slammed for reading good juicy stuff on our piece of technology. This stuff is supposed to remind us that life is short, or that life is good, or that dreams can come true, etc.

4 Tips- How to Take Yourself to the Next Level - When You're in a Funk! (3)

4 Tips: How to Take Yourself Out of a Funk!

 While-You’re-Working Wednesday is here! Let me get to the point.  What to do when you’re in a funk and you need to take yourself to the next level?! I write what I know.  I write what I have experienced.   I have learned how to bamboozle the bull-shit that life can deal you.  We are the […]

Unless you sell toilet paper

Jumping off the Broken Career Ladder

The dispute I am having in my head today is… that our society places an over-importance on achievement measured by our income, our job title, our car we drive, our neighborhood we live in and the list goes on … We bind our self-worth and purpose to our career or our jobs instead of the experiences we’ve […]