4 Tips: How to Take Yourself Out of a Funk!

 While-You’re-Working Wednesday is here!

Let me get to the point.  What to do when you’re in a funk and you need to take yourself to the next level?!


I write what I know.  I write what I have experienced.   I have learned how to bamboozle the bull-shit that life can deal you.  We are the sum of all our decisions.

So, let’s make better decisions from this day forward… This does not mean that you are not going to make mistakes.  The most successful people I know have made the most mistakes.

I didn’t say the screwed up all the time.  They simply made mistakes while in the process of becoming the best version of who they can be!

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]”Learn how to protect your space and protect your energy.” @SharonLeeZapata[/Tweet]”Learn how to protect your space and protect your energy.”  @SharonLeeZapata

So, how can you take yourself to the next level especially when you’re in a funk? I’ve been there…done that.  Here are 4 Tips I have used. …and they’ve worked great for me.  While your eyes are blazing through this blog post, be open-minded.  Take what you want from this and leave the rest!

#1: Get this FREE printable from me. Print it. Tape it to your mirror, or pin it up in your office – This Top 10 list of How to get your ass moving! [Vol. 2] 

 #2:  While you’re at your desk (put on your headset) as to not disturb the other cubicle monkeys you are working with.  Please note,  I AM NOT saying you are a cubicle monkey.  You are freaking awesome – because …you’re reading this blog post!  I want you to listen to this link:  This is one of my favorite business men and mentors I follow.  Twitter @TheRealBradLea  Love his pontificated messages!

 #3: Stop watching crap on T.V.  Yes!…no more crap on television. The media just reports sensationalism… because this is what sells!   So many people get wrapped up in the political shit on television.  I have learned in the last 40 years it is my job to take care of what’s happening in my house.  No need to worry about that WHITE HOUSE!  Unless you are chilling out on a Sunday night…o.k. watch the National Geographic channel or something that will enhance your Frontal Lobe (the big part of your brain) …You use your frontal lobe nearly every day. You use it to make decisions. So make kick-ass decisions like; Stop watching stupid crap on T.V.

 # 4:  [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”] The pressure of your talent should always be taking you to 2 new levels continuously throughout your life. [/Tweet]The pressure of your talent should always be taking you to new levels continuously throughout your life.  Never stop working on YOU.  This step is the most important step.  Why?  Because it is all about YOU.  We are distracted every 3 minutes. You need insane FOCUS get shit done.  You have to pay attention to YOU. Who are you becoming?  What are you learning?
I challenge you to do these two things:
  1. Get my Free e-Book  “How To Escape The Lack of Success…have you ever been dissatisfied?”
  2. Get this CD: THE 10x RULE by Grant Cardone.
ebook cover good one How to Escape the Lack of Success

Which leads me to one of my BONUS Tip!

One of my favorite mentors who has influenced me since 2012 is New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur Grant Cardone.  I have every book he has written. I have purchased several of his on-line courses. Follow him on Twitter @GrantCardone.   His straight talk and pontificated podcasts are spot-on when it comes to real-life approaches to creating a prosperous life and business.  His style is a combination of truth and smart-ass humor.  Check him out on Youtube because he will pull you out of any funk you may be going through!

Just like you clean your closet out and remove items from your wardrobe that you no longer use, you have to examine YOU and remove things from your life that no longer serve you.  Re-invent yourself – you cannot sustain at the level you are now.

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