The Road to Somewhere That Nobody Took

I write as if my reader is about to potty their pants!

Because we are all slammed for reading good juicy stuff on our piece of technology. This stuff is supposed to remind us that life is short, or that life is good, or that dreams can come true, etc.

The Road To Somewhere that nobody took

The Road to Somewhere That Nobody Took… describes a recent situation I experienced.  Maybe you have also experienced this?!  If you haven’t, you probably know someone who has.

So, I recently participated in an event with one of the non-profits I support. While at the event, I bumped into a couple of ex-coworkers.  I was happy to see them and greeted them with, “Hey! Hey! How have you been!?”

Then, I get this look...You know that look — the one when somebody hasn’t seen you in a long time …And they don’t look so good.
I am not saying, “That I’m  All-That-And-A-Bag-Of-Chips!”

Side note: I have always been confused as hell, where and who created this saying!  And more importantly, the significance in a bag of chips. Why does it have to be a bag of chips?  Why can’t I be all that and a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps…



The 90’s pained me with some of the sayings we had…and not knowing the origin of this awkward saying!

Let’s get back to this post… The energy and half-ass smiles I was receiving from my ex-coworkers was pathetic.

What to do? – – – How to react? – – –

Then, I realized they never took the road to somewhere. In other words,they had not experienced any self-improvement.  – – nothing new – –

The old saying, “Take a look at the five people you hang out with the most…You’ll have the average income, average weight, average thoughts of those five people” .

My ex-coworkers were still hanging out the same people they’ve known for the last ten years. They hadn’t met anyone new who could have influenced them with positive changes –

Problem solved! I realized very quickly that not everyone is a dreamer and action taker. Not everyone wants to improve, learn, or make more of their life.

Seeing my ex-coworkers with their crappy attitudes and negative body language, helped me to realize that they were connecting with themselves and connecting to their own personal lack of ambition.

Haters?  No, I would not put them in that box… they were not haters.

In the few moments that we shared, they asked me, “So,Sharon what  have you been up to these last five years?”   I believe when I shared with them my endeavors and my challenges I have conquered, it made them realize …in their five years they were still doing the same thing and bitter about it.

This small episode in my life helped me to understand that it is O.K. for some people not to improve and not to change.

But Sharon! How could you say this (write this?) Isn’t this negative? Isn’t your blog about becoming a kick-ass person of value?

Ahhh!  My point is brusque and real:  In this world, we need all kinds of people to make the world go around.

You see, there will always be doers and non-doers.

There will always be the ones who work their asses off to be more, have more, create more, and give more to their communities.

There will always be those who settle and get accustomed to lacking.

Just like there will be The Road to Somewhere That Nobody Took


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