3 Life Hacks You Should Know

I have always been intrigued  with LIFE-HACKS!


What is a life hack?  Well, let’s break it down kids – Dr. Seuss style.

 LIFE HACK:  Little tips, tricks, things or information that make life a little easier === like running a sticky note between your keyboard keys to collect crumbs and computer lint.

 Here are  three life hacks that will act like relational-lubricant.

Life Hack #1

The key to confidence is walking into a room and assume that everyone already likes you.

This situation is pretty common. Especially when you’re in a public place – you walk into a room and you do not know anyone. If this has never happened to you; well you must not get out much. You should scoot on down to Life Hack #3.

This is not to say you are being conceited when you walk into a room. Keep your confidence in your pocket like a little love note.  Take it out and share it with others.  Share some confidence with others so they will feel kick-ass too. Doing this also conveys that you are a person who gets what they want. I don’t know about you, but I am turned on by this.  Think about it?  Are you more attracted or interested in meeting someone who reeks with uber confidence? And they are  genuine and transparent. Or, are you more attracted or interested in meeting someone who is dull with no confidence?

Life Hack #2

Asking your wife or girlfriend is something wrong? And they answer, “Nothing is wrong!” …really means they’re in a fucking bad mood.

Getting this response really means:  “Get the hell away from me – I’m dealing with something and you have nothing to offer that’s going to make it better”It also means: “I am pissed off, you should know what is wrong, I am being passive aggressive, and I don’t know how to express my anger in a rational way.”

Here are two life hack tips to remedy this situation:
 [1.] Calmly say, “Whatever you are going through, we’ll work it out…how can I help?”  This is how to handle this situation with a normal person.
 [2.] If you are with a psycho person who wants to go  Chuck Norris on your ass and throw a round of house kicks, then you should consider leaving…Seriously, there is the door.


Life Hack #3

Have several, freaking, unbelievable personal adventures sometime in your life!

This life hack is all about you. What do I mean when I say, “All about you?” Let me explain this.  Or, like my granny with her awesome Spanish accent would say, “Let me teldjeew-someting.

Everyone should have several, freaking, unbelievable personal adventures in their life!

These experiences are just for you. Having experienced something so crazy and awesome…that if you ever did share your story, your audience would not believe you!

You don’t have to share your adventurous story with anyone.  Besides, there will be times in your life when others will not want to hear about your amazing adventure.

It doesn’t mean that your audience needs to have had the same experience as you, or have the same interest, or desire in order to connect with you.

They simply have no frame of reference. Keep in mind,  just because you have a freaking, unbelievable story to share with others, it does not mean they want to hear it. Carry on…

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