21 Accelerated Thoughts Today


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I am a LIST MAKER. I have been making lists for as long I can remember.  This is my way of learning anything new.  This is my way to remember new information. It’s simple and it works.
  • Grocery lists
  • Things to do lists
  • Collaboration lists
  • Business goals lists
  • Weight loss goal lists
  • Books I want to read lists
  • Things I want to improve on lists
  • Blogging topic lists,
  •  …and the LIST goes!


Here is one of my personal favorite Strengthening Word lists I’ve created.  Take what you like and leave the rest. Share this with someone you know who would like this too!

 21 Accelerated Thoughts Today

  1. Control Your Story
  2. You Cannot Run Away From Yourself
  3. The Pressure of your talent should be taking you to new levels continuously throughout your life
  4.  When you can identify that you’re in a rut…then you know you need to make some changes
  5.  Take time to separate from everything and everyone for at least 1 hour – EVERY day.
  6.  Every six months you’ll need to re-invent yourself – you cannot sustain at the level you are now
  7.  No such thing as ‘Balance’ – whatever you do you’ll feel guilty – Just give 100% to everything
  8.  Be Brave. Be Smart.
  9.  Be a bonafide game changer
  10.  Own your own power
  11.  Two (2) qualities that attract people to you: Humor & Intellect
  12.  Trust your gut. Stand your ground
  13.  Never Stop Working On Yourself
  14.  Don’t Fill Your Calendar With Non-essential Stuff
  15.  Every 3 minutes we’re distracted
  16.  You need insane FOCUS to get shit done
  17.  Pay attention to your focus
  18.  You have to be persistent to get through ALL challenges
  19.  If you avoid challenges, you stay stuck
  20.  The Play-It-Safers never leave their little boxes
  21.  Do not do things half-ass


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Today, be a game-changer. Remember, you cannot build a business from behind a keyboard. Go out and make things happen!


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