The Bitchy Business Interview: Carlton Salter

Noted Southern Artist & Illustrator …and His Badassery ArtWork

CARLTON SALTER Back to the Future art

[Back to the Future -1980’s Classic -Fantasy/Science fiction film] 

As a writer and blogger, I strive to create curiosity and share anything new I have learned.  After all, when we are curious, we see things differently; we use our powers to learn something more fully. 
 Well, I want to share with you what I learned about my friend Carlton Salter, noted Southern Artist and Illustrator.

Since I was a little girl, I have always been intrigued;  almost hypnotized by art. All art … Any medium.  By medium, I mean any substance the artist uses to create his or her artwork.
With that  said, today’s blog post is a first!  The first time I have the honor to interview and ask a distinguished “Creative” if I could share his  work, craft, and gift and badassery art with our audience.

I met Carlton on Facebook last year.  I do my best to build friendships with people on all my social media platforms who seem genuine and have something positive ‘going on in their world’.  Believe me, Carlton has a lot going on!  These virtual friendships we build on social media are magical opportunities where we can befriend someone who stands out in their craft.  I believe that when we pay attention to our own world – – – the right people show up!

 CARLTON SALTER sixteen candles art 2014 (1)

Sixteen Candles [1984 -Teen Film/Romance] 

There is a coolness and genuine quality about Carlton. His impressive art and illustrations have a dream-like character that takes us to the realm of the fantastic.
 Carlton’s artwork is a feast for our eyes.  He brings a new element of dreamy images infused with a touch of animation and reality – – – which we find absolutely extraordinary!
With his amazing skills, he is able to show just how creative animation art can be. I especially love how he plays with color and lines that establishes  depth in his work.

CARLTON SALTER taylor-swift-promo-art-2015

Singer: Taylor Swift

Q & A  with our guest Carlton Salter:

When did you begin your artistic journey?
My grandfather, a prominent southern watercolor painter, taught me how to draw when I was a little boy, helping me to develop an artist’s eye for composition and attention to detail.

How long have you been an Artist?

For over 16 years.

 Where has your awesome art been featured?

My work has been featured in advertising, (Bryer’s Ice cream) websites & packaging, book and magazine publishing (DK, Harcourt & Scholastic) and portrait artwork for private residences and businesses.

What is your favorite thing to draw, paint, create?

“I enjoy drawing people the most, capturing their unique features with devotion to flowing lines and coloring that invites viewer’s eyes.”

Carlton is also an excellent branding artist, with an impressive portfolio of commercial work.  His
talent is behind many cool commercial designs, logos, print art and more.  Here, at The Bitchy Business Briefs, we highly recommend him!
Recognize this one?!  Yup! … Carlton is the creator of The Bitchy Business Briefs logo~ Thank you, Carlton!
 BBB logo by Carlton Salter

If you are looking for a professional artist or illustrator for your business logo or branding logo, or you would like to know how to contact Carlton for one of his pieces of magnificent artworks, please contact him on his Facebook page.
 Carlton’s contact information:

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