I Have Experienced: Death. Laughter. Wonderment.


[We’re all headed one way…]

Today, my day was filled with a lollapalooza of emotions.  What do I mean by lollapalooza? …this meansan extraordinary or unusual thing 

Stay with me  – – this post is going to be to the point and it will pull on your heart strings.  I actually texted myself this blog post earlier in the day because my head is constantly spitting out ideas and words which I put into action.  Pretty simple shit; as a writer… that’s how I’m wired.

Today, my day was filled with the following descriptive words: Death. Laughter. Wonderment. Joy. Curiosity. Accomplishment. Love.

ACCOMPLISHMENT & JOY – I struggled to wrap up a proposal for a potential client with a hectic schedule.  It turns out to be  a winner…so all is great in that department!  I am so thrilled with our new design and social public relations team! They are rocking with their uber creativity and output!

DEATH & WONDERMENT – My cousin reached out on Facebook to share some heartbreaking news with everyone in her circle.  Her  great nephew died today in the hospital.  He was only 1- years old.  Markee  who was born with a rare immunodeficiency disorder.  Just a baby.  He did not get to learn how to walk, ride a bike, write his name, dance with a girl, kiss a girl, play soccer or learn a musical instrument, graduate from college…and live his life.  Even though I did not know him, it broke my heart and I cried when I heard this sad news.  I am a mom.  I have two boys.  I cannot imagine my children dying.

WONDERMENT,  JOY & LOVE – I was able to look into my 8 -year old’s bright green eyes.  He is full of life and energy! He smiles at me and says, “Mom, I believe I found a talent within me that I didn’t know I had!”  He is talking about Archery.  A new sport he just picked up.  He is pretty awesome at it – – from 45 ft. away he hit 97% bulls-eye target!  You go boy!

ACCOMPLISHMENT & JOY – I helped my son with his homework while cooking a healthy dinner.

DEATH –  I learned that an acquaintance I once knew passed away due to bad health.

CURIOSITY & JOY – I spent ten minutes with our 89-year-old neighbor who needed help checking her mail.  She is a widow. She is all alone, yet she always has a smile and she is the sweetest little old lady I’ve ever met.  I’m curious. Maybe she knows the secret to life?

JOY & LAUGHTER – I danced in the kitchen with my dogs because they like Bruno Mars too!

CURIOSITY – I learn that my Great Aunt was rushed to the hospital.  According to my 2nd Cousin, Gloria, she let us know Great Aunt Vicky is now resting and in good spirits…things are alright.

ACCOMPLISHMENT & LAUGHTER- I drove in crazy-ass 5 o’clock  traffic to The University of Houston – Downtown [where I went to college].  I was accepted into The National Society of Leadership and Success Sigma Alpha Pi, [basically for nerds…yeah, I proudly run in this cirlce] the largest collegiate leadership honor society in the United States.  I laughed at a few jokes I heard from some former alumni.  I made some connections.

JOY, LOVE & ACCOMPLISHMENT – With the night hours approaching… I was snuggled in our cozy bed.  I am thinking to myself how amazing my hubby is.  He is strong, intelligent, handsome,  brave, caring, loving, and I am always amazed at how he functions smoothly and successfully with his career and his crazy personal world.

I take a few minutes to breathe deep and exhale…because I can.  I mentioned earlier in another blog post that I have experienced a serious mentality shift in the last twelve months.   I am more aware of who I am and not who I want to be.   No time for bull shit. Yes, I roll with the punches that life throws at me, but I never let one day go by without harnessing all the energy that life gives  …and takes

I experienced a lot of shit today …  in my world… in my 24 hours.  Actually, every day I could write a blog post about my crazy life.. but that would not bring true value to anyone.  Being a bottom-line girl, I want to make sure my audiences always gets a positive boost from The Bitchy Business Briefs.


I do my best to not get stressed out about everything I experience… because life is just an experience that brings: Death. Laughter. Wonderment. Joy. Curiosity. Accomplishment. Love.


Unless you sell toilet paper

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2 thoughts on “I Have Experienced: Death. Laughter. Wonderment.

  1. Great thoughtful posts, I loved reading this. Sorry about the recent losses in your family. Praying for healing and light. <3 Thanks for sharing your thoughts! You are absolutely right, I love your positive mentality. In such a quick time of getting to know you and talk to you daily…you are reminding me to live positively and full of energy. I felt so stumped this summer and now I feel like anything is possible, and that there are many ways to "grow" your dreams, to live a healthier life, and to open doors and break down barriers. You have no idea how you have positively impacted my life and started a "mind-shift" in my own mind! You are such a blessing and amazing woman, Sharon! Keep being YOU, keep writing "what everyone else is thinking but doesn't say"! 🙂 xo

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