4 Smart Ways To Be A Lucky Charm


Would you like to know 4 smart ways to be a Lucky Charm for your clients, relationships, and community? Today’s blog post will bring you some kick-ass value!   Most of us are familiar with the cereal brand  Lucky Charms.  Their tagline is: “They’re magically delicious.”  Can you believe this stick and stay tagline was created in 1964!  I imagine that crazy-eyed little leprechaun had some influence in the Creative Department…


Fast forward to 2016, me and my eight-year son love this cereal.  I told him when I was a little girl, we used to buy cereal because it came with a prize inside the box!

Have you noticed, cereal brands no longer offer the cool little free prize inside their cereal boxes?

I got to thinking…  that the reason we no longer get prizes in our Lucky Charm’s  cereal box or any other cereal is because Health and Safety standards and penalties have increased, plus the business model has shifted to the new level of technology.  If you want to take your business, your relationships, and even your community to a higher level, you must be their cool little surprise!

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How can you be a Lucky Charm for your clients?


[1.] Bring the ‘juice’!  They need this from you in order for them to feel like they’re unstoppable. By ‘juice’, I mean the energy, drive, trust, and a positive ‘what-ever-it-takes’ attitude. You want your client’s thoughts to be: “OMG! Company XYZ [your company name goes here] is awesome!  We love having them work with us!  Remember, your energy is just one of several reasons they like you and why they decided to do business with you.




[2.]  Give them a bonus private consultation or group coaching call.  Do launches where you offer a complimentary 30-minute private strategy session. Not only does it give your client an incentive to invest in more education and workshops,  it gives the both of you the chance to get to know each other one-on-one.





[3.] Educational gifts such as books, journals, a new app or share a YouTube video. Keep the romance and connection going with your clients. What can you give your clients to enhance their experience by working with you so they actually get the full benefit of your offerings?  All clients want results. You want repeat business. Here is an example of HOW-TO go through this 3-step process:1.  Attraction2.  Conversion3.  Consumption

[4.]  Appreciate.  Finally, a for sure way to surprise your client(s) is to let them know how appreciative you are that they’ve entrusted their project(s) to you. Find something specific you can compliment them on. They can’t see your excitement. You’ve got to tell them! Bring a gift card for coffee, movie, or a bottle of wine. With so much in a society where we usually point out what’s wrong, it is time for some positive reinforcement.
There are so many ways to be a Lucky Charm for your clients.  Owning two startup companies, I have personally used these [4] tips.

 How can you be a Lucky Charm for your intimate relationships?

I have been married fourteen years to the same awesome man.  Yepper, that is what you read!   You may be thinking, “How in the hell do you keep the relationship awesome?”  I will share [4] smarts ways we’ve kept things Magically Delicious in our relationship. Hopefully, this will give you some insight if you are currently in a relationship. By-the-way, these tips are very similar to the tips I shared with you on How to be a Lucky Charm for your clients.

[1.] Have a smart, sexy-friendship.  [Bring the juice] Yes, let’s be real here… You must have an attraction to each other. More than likely it is a physical attraction. Of course, this is NOT the only thing. I say bring the ‘juice’ to your relationship! Bring energy, trust, drive, and a ‘what-ever-it-takes’ attitude to your partner! There is much more than attraction when you’re with your hot sugar muffin.  You should be attracted to their intellect, their positive influence, and the way they treat you and others.

[2.] Have trusting and open communication. Have the freedom to pursue your own individual interests, and have some interests you both can share. Don’t smother each other by always doing everything together.  Remember, we are individuals.

[3.] Relationships don’t fail—humans do. Keep working on you.  Living up to your full potential as a human being will bring you personal fulfillment and happiness. This makes you an uber cool person to be around!

[4.] Appreciate and keep dating.  Yes, at the end of the day… take a few minutes to tell your hot sugar muffin, “I really appreciate you. What are you doing Friday night?!”  If you have kids, well you are just going to have to get creative.  Get them to bed early.  Grab a blanket and go out to the backyard. Crack open a cold IPA or bottle of wine and ‘catch-up’ on each other. Oh, and don’t forget to bring some cool iTunes!

How can you be a Lucky Charm for your community?

Living in Houston, TX [the 4th largest city in the U.S.] there are a plethora of [localism] communities to help out.  Look around at where you currently live.  Is there a need to help others? Becoming involved in your community helps you connect-the-dots on so many levels.  It gives you a chance to bring help, hope, and value to others.  Our communities grow or die…they are simply a reflection of the people who get involved or uninvolved. Look for non-profit organizations that bring meaning to you.  Many of my friendships and business connections have come from being involved with my community.  I currently volunteer with The American Heart Association -Latina Leadership Circle, The Speakers Bureau for The American Heart Association, Susan G. Komen – Breast Cancer Foundation Education Committee, Loaves & Fishes [homeless outreach] with RYG [Reach Youth Global], and The Texas Alliance of Military Women’s Leadership Circle.

[1.] Look for non-profits in your community.   Before you begin, search which group or groups you would like to volunteer with.  I recommend doing a Google search in your community.  As I mentioned earlier, bring the juice!  Yes, your energy is always welcomed when there is an opportunity to bring awareness to a non-profit organization.

[2.] What talents and experiences do you have?  What skills and talents do you have that you could share in this group effort? For instance, the marketing director may not want to help with marketing efforts as a volunteer but, rather, share his/her talents at basic home repair.  If you’re great at copy and traffic, maybe you can write for a non-profit that needs a boost on their social media platforms. This is really being a Lucky Charm for your community!  Simply,  tap into your talents and skills you were born with.  All of us were born with several factory-installed gifts at birth.  Sometimes we forget about this!

[3.] Find non-profits that bring community awareness in non-traditional ways.  There is a current trend in our city for groups of like-minded people to ride bikes in neighborhoods. After the bike ride, they usually meet up for a beer at a local neighborhood pub or coffee shop.  This is pretty cool because you get some exercise and you get involved in your community.  These awesome groups have connections with Bike shops that are accessible to people without money and have an educational focus on teaching others how to fix bikes. Some of these programs run using bikes donated by the community.  These bicycles are donated, refurbished, and recycled back into the community as one less bike in the landfill, and hopefully one less car on the road.

[4.] You can become the pulse for a non-profit when you volunteer.  When you simply ask a non-profit organization, “How can I help?” or  “What area does your organization need volunteers?”   Participate in building your community.  Communities are created and built by the people who live, work and play inside their community.

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