Instantly, She Changed Her World


“Today is the best day ever!  You know why?  Because I said so!”

I overheard a sassy 8-year old little girl tell her friend this bold statement. You know what?!   She is absolutely right!  This is when it occurred to me how she instantly changed her world…just with a few great words!

I couldn’t help but giggle and smile when I heard this!   I was hanging out at our neighborhood park while my kid was playing on the monkey bars… If you pay attention to little kid’s conversations at the monkey bars, you might just learn a valuable life lesson.

We returned home from our neighborhood park. I returned to my laptop in my home-office.  I got to thinking because I am a thinker.  After hearing that statement from the little girl at the monkey bars, I thought, “How would she think about herself and other women when she is 24-years old…when she is 37-years old?”  Would she still have that tenacious passion and bold confidence she displayed so effortlessly?  I sure hope so.  We need more women who are genuine and truly supportive of other women’s accomplishments and endeavors.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]We live N a world that tells women 2B self-confident but if they acknowledge their own looks they R viewed as stuckup[/Tweet]

We live in a world that tells us that education is imperative but if a person acknowledges their own intelligence, they’re viewed as a snob. 

We’re told to love and take care of ourselves is important but when we chose ourselves over others, we are called selfish.

These double messages are confusing and women are left to wade through them, never knowing if they’re being perceived in just the “right,” way. It can really tax our mental and emotional health trying to keep up with what others think or say about us.

I want to tell you not to care. In many ways that can be unrealistic, so I’m saying not to care to the point that it clouds your ability to differentiate.  One of our basic human needs is to feel loved and accepted. However, this need doesn’t factor in if people resent you for reasons that are beyond your control.

Everyone will not think that you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread and you have to be okay with that.  Standing in your own light may cost you relationships. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”] Being your authentic self… can change your current relationship with people who are not open and accepting [/Tweet]

If you have been shy and unassuming and now you’re beginning to acknowledge and walk in your own brilliance, it may scare some away. People don’t like change.

When you start altering their perception of who you are or what your potential is, they will often reject you. This is something you must be prepared for if you want to live up to your highest potential.

We’re either going to go after our goals with no fear and reckless abandon or we’re going to choose a life that doesn’t offend anyone and doesn’t impact anyone.

When I came up with the name for my blog, The Bitchy Business Briefs, I knew right away there were going to be people who love this name and they get it.   I also knew there were going to be those who squinched their noses and say they don’t like the name and they don’t get it.

Cheers!  I raise a toast to Shakespeare when he said, “You are not for all markets..”

It was approximately 1624 when Shakespeare said this. Fast forward 392 years later… make no mistake, the man knew what he was saying!


Your dreams in your heart …

Your ideas in your head…

Your vision… And Your creativity is with you for a reason.

Be brave. Have grit. Stand Your Ground. Trust your gut.  Quit Stalling.


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