3 Minute Brain Dump

My brain took a  dump at 6:15 pm today.  I just wrote what was clogging up my creativity. I have learned that when you’re in the zone… when you find your hummmm… it’s ALL good!

Today the words did not come out in story-line. I am being very open here…  I just had this urge to purge… Yup! purge…

Purge: to rid, clear, or free; to clear away

1.] Stay true to yourself.

2.] Embrace the haters.

3.] Know your audience.

4.] Ignore the ignorant.

5.] Don’t be a little bitch.

6.] Get off the roller-coaster of bad relationships

7.] If you’re broke, fix you.

8.] Embrace straight talk.

9.] Don’t crush your ability by being scared. Being scared can truly be inspiring… 

10.] Anything worth having is HARD work.

11.] Nothing comes easy.

12.] Only YOU are responsible for your success

13.] Shit will happen and you have to move on

14.] What is the outcome someone would get through a relationship with you?

15.] As an entrepreneur you are either gaining or losing by association – be wise about your association.

16.] Never depend on one product to build your business…

17.] Use ALL the colors in the box!

 [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Skills pay the bills -We all survive on our skills @BitchyBusinessBriefs[/Tweet]

18.]  Skills pay the bills

19.]  We all survive on our skills

20.] The big question is: WHY don’t you have more?  more love, more drive, more money, more giving…

21.] Liking and talking about politics does not improve your life – it only kills time

22.]  Shake the tree – let the fruit fall… Sell the fruit

23.] Life is all about winning and giving

24.] Rinse and Repeat

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]A pent up person can only think of all the things they will do once they are finally free @BitchyBusinessBriefs[/Tweet]A pent up person can only think of all the things they will do once they are finally free ~

.. there the purge is complete! Until next time!

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