Cocktails on Friday with Roxor Artisan Gin!

You wouldn’t know it from looking at my blog The Bitchy Business Briefs, that I’ve been an active cocktail drinker for many years. Not like I have a drinking problem… I mean like, I’ve experienced enough alcohol in my life to know what is bad, good, and amazing! … or in my vocabulary, amazeballs!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by ROXOR Artisan Gin

If you know me, I will happily offer your an espresso, coffee, beer, or a great cocktail when you come to my home. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”] I’ve  been known to stir that cocktail with a butter knife and serve it to you with a big Cheshire cat smile! [/Tweet]

I had the pleasure of meeting ROXOR Artisan Gin at a movie premier here in Houston, TX. Catch that next blog post coming soon: Entrepreneur, The Movie.

I gotta’ admit when I heard they’re serving gin, I thought … O.K. Gin and Tonic – –  basically that’s the only recipe I ever knew when it came to drinking gin.  Lo and behold, when Rebecca, who is one cool, savvy woman who works with ROXOR Gin, began to make my cocktail… I could tell right away I was going to get something very special.[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]I like special! You like special! We all like special! My cocktail was amazing~ @SharonLeeZapata[/Tweet]  This cocktail had two ingredients: ROXOR Artisan Gin and a special Hibiscus Simple Syrup created by Chef-Robert Del Grande.  This was cocktail was uncomplicated and exquisite.

So what makes ROXOR Artisan Gin so amazingly different?  It’s an Artisan Gin. This means it is crafted in small batches [distilled in Dallas, TX] and all the bottles are numbered.  My bottle was number #2396

That’s pretty special to me.  This beautiful decanter-style bottle is designed as glass Skyscraper [inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright – an American architect, interior designer, writer, and educator, who designed more than 1,000 structures].

So let’s get to the who, how, and why ROXOR Artisan Gin is here!

Chef – Robert Del Grande, Ph.D. is the recipe-maker for ROXOR Artisan Gin. He is Texas’ first James Beard-awarded chef, owner of Cafe Annie Houston, and is considered one of the founders of Southwestern Cooking.  What is the James-Beard award?… well it’s known as the Oscars of the food world. This award covers all aspects of the industry: chefs and restaurateurs, cookbook authors and food journalists, restaurant designers and architects, and more.  Pretty impressive!  What’s more impressive… is that Robert Del Grande’s Ph.D. is in biochemistry, which granted him the complete development of the signature taste of ROXOR. Robert shares this co-produced artisan gin with his friend marketing genius Donald Short, formerly an international CEO for The Coca-Cola Company.

This 90 proof artisan gin features a balanced, signature taste.  My taste-buds did verify that this gin is delicious on so many levels.  It blends well with our homemade recipes that are listed below.  Along with ROXOR’s recipe recommendations. There are fresh Texas grapefruit and lime zest that complements Italian juniper… cocoa nibs, hibiscus, Texas pecans, sarsaparilla, as well as traditional gin botanicals… these special ingredients create a taste that satisfied gin drinkers, as well as non-gin-enthusiasts.

What does ROXOR mean? The urban dictionary describes the palindrome name as “a euphoric state, so unbelievable, it makes you do devil’s horns with your hands”   Imagine that! The Bitchy Business Briefs finding an artisan gin that makes you do devil horns with your hands?! … O.K. I’m doing right now!

Thank you to Rebecca Ramsey, New Artisan Spirits – ROXOR Artisan Gin /Houston Account Manager for saying, ‘Yes!” … when I asked her if I could feature ROXOR on my blog [Cocktails On Friday Issue]  Be sure to follow ROXOR Artisan Gin on social media. If you happen to be in Dallas, TX, make sure you stop by the Dallas Museum of Art Exhibit Shaken, Stirred and Styled: The Art of the Cocktail, sponsored by Dallas-distilled ROXOR Artisan Gin. It is the first of its kind exhibition at The Dallas Museum of Art. When you’re there make sure to thank your favorite bartender.  Finally, let’s cheer them on while they attempt: February 5th Guinness World Records official attempt at World’s Largest Cocktail Tasting! #roxorgin







Recipes from ROXOR Artisan Gin

2 oz Roxor Gin

1 oz fresh squeezed grapefruit

top with champagne
2 oz Roxor Gin

3 oz Tonic Water

add fresh blueberries stir and enjoy

Recipes from The Bitchy Business Briefs 

2 ox Roxor Gin

3 oz  Hard Giner Ale [preferably made with sugar cane]

add fresh blueberries and strawberries

stir and enjoy


Recipes from The Bitchy Business Briefs 

2 ox Roxor Gin

Fresh squeezed orange juice

add splash of cranberry juice 

stir and enjoy

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