Your Horn Was Built for Tooting

The world belongs to those who toot their horn and hustle.

It’s one thing to be humble and another thing to be a jerk, but if you are afraid to promote you and your business, you’re not hustling.

 Growing up in my family, we were taught not to toot our horn or brag about yourselves.  When I say this, I am telling you from that little girl I used to be.  While my dad was in the U.S. Army, my family traveled a lot.  My journal was one of my best friends and I became really good at writing stories.  I also knew I was creative, however, I was not allowed to toot my horn and let others know about this skill I was developing.  Why not?  I don’t know why… Probably because my parents thought it was being conceited.  You know… full of yourself.
They were just doing what their parents taught them.
Fast forward to now…. I am the mother of two boys.  I always tell them to speak up and let others know what they’re really good at.  They do this in such a humble yet strong manner.   In a very self-confident manner. Most of us are attracted to self-confident people.  The game-changer who brings the positive influence.
 Everything is taught.  I believe it is my responsibility to teach my boys to be confident about tooting their horns!

If there is anything I can share with you as an entrepreneur, business owner, writer, and community leader… it is this: You have to hustle and toot your horn.
This is not bragging. How will people know who are?
 …what you do?
 … why should they do business or collaborate with you?
 …or hire you?
Do you want to know how other successful individuals have become great self-promoters?
They don't look at themselves as being successful. They just get up quickly after every failure.
These great self-promoters believe in both their business and in themselves.  Here is a secret: unless you have it (and develop it), you won’t go very far as a business owner, lawyer, artist, writer, entrepreneur, or employee. So, what is the secret? HUSTLE and TOOTING your horn.

You must learn to be the trailer for your own movie.

 Ask yourself these questions:
  • What does it cost you to live?
  • What are you worth in the marketplace?
  • What makes you stand out?
  • Why would they hire you?

In an interview for a new job please do not say, “I am a  people person.”  hmmm…that is so lame!   No, no, no… never say that you are a people person during your interview. You could say, “I have this experience in this situation and I improved the revenue for my department.”
An employer always wants to know what you can do for them and why they should hire you.
Keep in mind when the RIGHT person hears you TOOT your horn and sees you HUSTLING, they will truly appreciate you and want you on their team!
We’ve all been told to create a pitch. This is basically tooting your horn. However, Creating and Pitching is not an art…it is actually a science.  Author, Oren Klaff wrote an amazing book “Pitch Anything.”  In his book he teaches us to toot our horns.  You see, tooting your horn is a Neuro-Economic Science.
When you share an eye-opening story, i.e., tooting your horn,  you have created a method of action in which the brain makes decisions that respond to your tooting! Don’t be afraid to stand out…be different.  If you do what everybody else is doing; you’re going to get what everybody else is getting.

Keep in mind that when you toot your horn, you will have little control over how people perceive you. Everything we do and say is interpreted through the lens of the viewer [the person you are talking to] so stay humble yet strong.

There is no need to control what they think about you… just simply bring something beautiful to the table, something from the heart that you know you can do and deliver with  confidence.

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    1. Coppelia! Thank you for your comment… and yes, I agree employers want to know how what value we can bring to the table. Cheers! Sharon ~

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