How To Stop Procrastinating and Get More Shit Done… Seriously

TICK…TICK…TICK!  Did you know there are 168 hours in a week?   No more…No less.

We all get the same amount of weekly hours.  So why is it that some people can get way more shit done and others can barely produce or pump out kick ass results with their time?

What do YOU accomplish in 168 hours?

I know you are probably thinking damn that’s a lot of hours!  No, it’s not.  If you work 60 + hours per week [because you’re a bad ass entrepreneur or business owner bringing value to your clients and building your platforms] – –  you still have 108 hours left in your week.


Don’t forget to add in the hours of showering, doing your hair and makeup, getting your kids up for school, packing  lunches, getting breakfast, carpooling to school and your commute to your job. Whew! There goes another 30 hours per week Monday-Friday. Or hey, maybe you’re single and you have a ton of responsibility at your job…make time for working out…happy hour…school, etc.

Wait but… there’s more!   At work you may have meetings, phone calls, deadlines, marketing, or whatever you do in your career. Then cheerfully, there are more audacious hours for you once you get home from your long busy work day.   You have homework with the kid(s), dinner, maybe attend a soccer game, your work-out time [remember self-care is a priority], bath time for the kid, read a story – tuck ’em in for the night…and some  time with hubby…  OMG! mother fucker… this describes my day…  just one day in my 7-day week.  Multiply this times seven [yeah, 7 days in a week] – –


Did I forget to mention that with the lovely social media platforms we all have, you may get that DM [direct message for those of you old school bitches]  from someone who will nonchalantly ask:  “Hey, can we meet for coffee? I would love to pick your brain and learn how you do what you do?!”   No! No! No!  I don’t have time for this.

This is when I simply reply by sending the link to our next LearnShop or Rent-A-Brain monthly ongoing series of classes we teach at my company The Zapata Group. Did I mention we serve wine or espresso!  It helps with the schedule!


I have learned to treat my time like a commodity.

Basically, I can be bought or sold.  That is how I roll. [hey, that rhymes!]  And this is how you should roll if you want to protect your time and energy and say yes to only things that are in-line with your goals, vision, and purpose.

So, it occurred to me as a busy woman, business owner, mom and community leader, I do not have ‘time’ to procrastinate.  When there is a project to complete… I cut all the crap time wasters out of my schedule and focus and just do it. The old saying, “When you want to get something done, give it over to a busy person!”

Yet, I hear from people all the time that they don’t have time!  Hell, we all have the same amount of hours in a day, in a week, in a month, in a year.


Then why is it that some of us can get so much accomplished? …and others seem to just let their time slip away?  Maybe they are watching pointless crap on T.V., or spending too much time on social media, going to too many happy hours with inconsequential people or the wrong networking events? Am I making my point?

When people who are not protective of their TIME and ENERGY get offered an opportunity, usually here is how they reply:

I gotta think about it…

I have to pray about it…

Let me do some research…

blah blah blah…

What did I do with my 25 minutes?

I wrote this blog post (and made my kid a peanut-butter & jelly sandwich).

Hopefully, this inspires you and helps you to look at your time differently.  I know it is challenging, but we can do it because we are women!  Women are the life-line, the hummmm the makes the world go around and around!  Have a fun and productive day!

Remember, PROTECT your time and PROTECT your energy:.   Since my day was slammed, I just wrote what came to my heart.


I leave you with my quote:

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