Do You Talk To Yourself? What do you say?


Do you talk to yourself?  Of course you do!  I talk to myself…Everybody does!   We are always having conversations in our head…

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Have you ever found yourself talking (in your head) at a business meeting? Does this mean we are crazy? Ready for the funny farm?  By the way, where the hell is the funny farm? I would like to visit that farm because I really like funny stuff…

So, does talking to yourself mean you’re crazy?  Actually, the self-talk or talking to yourself is all good and makes you smarter only if you’re having these types of conversations in your head:

1. Complimentary talks with yourself...  you deserve them!  Like the time you passed up on the chocolate cake because you are on target to lose 10 lbs.  This deserves a ‘shout-out’ in your head..such as “I am proud of you.”

2. Debate the pros & cons of a difficult decision with yourself…talking to yourself out loud can actually help you hear how you are going to communicate your decision –  you might be surprised at how the outcome unfolds.

3. Practice a dialogue. For example, before making an important phone call or presentation, we might practice what we want to say and listen to how our voice will influence our audience.

4. Asking ourselves questions… As a busy mom with a very active 8-year old little boy, I definitely talk to my self!  Every freaking night, I ask myself, “How many times do I have to ask that boy to brush his teeth and put his p.j.’s on?!”   I just gave you a virtual high-five if you know how this goes!

Talking to yourself helps you organize your thoughts:

My husband daily tells me from the kitchen or the den, “What did you say!?” This usually happens when I’m writing… banging my 10 Finger Tips on my keyboard – –  This is when I realize I talk out loud to myself very often.  This helps me organize my thoughts and all the creativity going on in my head. As a creative, it can be a blessing and a curse.  The countless wild and innovated thoughts running [sprinting] through my brain need to hear my voice.  Yeah, it sounds crazy, but doing this actually calms my nerves and helps me focus.  My ‘outer-voice’ is one tool that helps my inner-brain through my problems. [Follow me on Facebook]

Talking to yourself helps complete your ‘To Do List’ and Goals: 

Some of us write our daily ‘To Do List’ and/or our ‘Goals’.  I do both.  I am a huge list maker.  And when I check off my tasks or goals from my list, it makes me feel like I’m on top of my game. Talking out loud to myself also helps me feel less apprehensive about jumping in to fix a business problem, life situation, family ordeal, etc. This puts so many things into perspective and helps me feel like I can do anything that comes my way.  One of my favorite messages I tell myself out-loud, “Commit first… figure it out later.  You can do this!”

I found a printed study on The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, psychologists Daniel Swigley and Gary Lupya hypothesized that talking to yourself  out-loud is actually beneficial.

Remember, in this noisy world we live in, it can be hard to find that place in your head that is warm and fuzzy and positive all the time. I will tell you this… keeping clear thoughts don’t just magically pop into my head.  I have to continuously remind myself [with my self-talk] and remind my family, friends, and colleagues how awesome they are with their natural talents and skills.  People need to heard positive thoughts about who they are. We need to make sure we are being helpful not only to others… but to ourselves as we..

Our current situations are always changing.  We are messy, complicated , imperfect, yet perfect creatures. Keep on talking to yourself loud and proud!

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