Soul or Power?


I refuse to slow down this week!   That’s what I told myself as I begin to write this post. My time-frame to do projects always feels like a pressure cooker.  I don’t have the luxury to dial down these projects, writing deadlines, business development I do with my company #TheZapataGroup and produce magical creativity that brings results for our newest client.

Why do you do this, Sharon? ~ Why? Because I choose to.  Because I know that this is the year I will build my business like never before.

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Because this is what I want.  I know what I want.  Do you know what you want?  @SharonLeeZapata[/Tweet]

Plus + I know I can help others in their journey to becoming better at doing it all.  Especially women and moms. Juggling being a kick-ass mom, wife, and taking care of ourselves can be overwhelming at times.

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty…   how well do you know your soul or your power? We all have soul. We all have power.

I say, “Own your power!”  …doing this fuels your soul.

Maybe you forgot that you influence yourself with your own power.

Maybe today you’ll be reminded that you are amazing and capable of so much more.


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One of the reasons I write about  BUSINESS. LIFE LESSONS. SMARTY-ASS QUOTES is because these topics always remind me to focus and fix my own directions.  My directions to guide me where I can continue to grow to my full potential as a woman.

Take full responsibility with your soul and the power of your decisions, your thoughts, and your emotions. Keep learning how to always raise the bar for yourself. This is not your husband’s or your lover’s responsibility.  Own it. It is yours.  It is mine. It is ours as women.

We have to fix our own personal GPS. Fixing our directions to how we are living with our full potential comes from our souls and our powers.

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Knowing your soul and your power means that you know yourself well enough to have focus. @SharonLeeZapata[/Tweet]

This is the same advantage that makes you so amazing. You have to become unfuckable with.  You do this by knowing who you are.  Yes, it’s the quality you’re most proud of … the super thing that makes you stand out and gives you an edge over everything and everyone else. Become a steamroller. Crush negative situations.


Here is my list for Soul or Power:

1.] Get ‘granular’ about being yourself. (in other words… look closely at the amazing things that make you unstoppable!)

2.] We have to fix our own personal GPS. What positive directions are you using to move yourself ahead?

3.] You need to know what is ‘next’ in your space. Protect your space.

I will admit, I had a lot going on while I wrote this post. Nothing is perfect. Life is a process… and process can be messy.


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