Networking, Gnats, and Bananas


What do gnats & bananas have in common with networking?


Let’s wrap up this awesome week and kick into gear…  because we aim to make some awesome shit happen in our lives, in our businesses, and with our families.


Most of you know I am pretty transparent and I don’t like to sugar-coat anything.  Pontificated messages are my favorite type of messages.  I don’t like to waste my time or other people’s time.

In this Blog Post, you’ll learn how to be considered as a connoisseur of people, relationships, and build an awesome personal network.
Here are 3 important elements for successful hobnobbing…O.K., I meant networking.  I’ve always wanted to use the word hobnobbing in a sentence.


[1.]  What do Gnats & Bananas Have in Common with Networking?


[2.]  Four (4) Tips on how to always connect-the-dots when networking


[3.]  3 Tips on how to handle the gnats when you’re networking

Have you ever been in your kitchen? …Cooking? You see a gnat flying around and you take a swat at it… AND you miss!   Then, you start looking around to find out where this damn gnat came from!

Ahhh!…You see the gnat… and his cronies!  They’re hanging out by your bananas.  Nasty guys!  You get the picture.  What does this have to do with networking?  Well, keep reading…

When you attend a networking event or a mixer, you will be meeting other entrepreneurs, business owners, business development connections, etc.   Keep in mind everyone there has one thing on their agenda: They ALL want to sell you something, show you something, or tell you something.



[1.]  What do Gnats & Bananas Have in Common with Networking?


A few people who attend networking events can be annoying….just like the gnats that are flying around those bananas.


It is not their fault.  Don’t get mad at them.  They probably think ‘it-is-a-numbers’ game.  What do I mean by ‘it-is-a-numbers’ game?  It means that Mr. John Jones Jr. thinks he is supposed to pass out as many business cards as possible….to everyone at the networking event. Going from person to person…just like that annoying little gnat! You get the picture.


Many years ago, when I first started to get out and network, I was like Mr. John Jones Jr. …that annoying gnat. I didn’t know any better. I was not aware that networking and connecting-the-dots was actually a skill.   I was so desparado to find a client. …


The newbie who attends a networking event is easy to pick out from the crowd.  They’re usually browsing around with their business cards in their hand and their eyes are shifting back-and-forth [similar to the windshield wipers on your car].


Keep in mind, when you’re attending a business networking event, anticipate on meeting some amazing, kick-ass people.  They will be there just like you!   AND… a few gnats…


[2.]  Four (4) Tips on how to always connect-the-dots when networking


With my 15 + years of experience as an entrepreneur, I have become a connoisseur at networking. Here are  4 tips on how to connect-the-dots when networking.

#1 When you arrive at a networking event, avoid leaning to people you know. Thank the host and then immediately find someone new to introduce yourself to.

#2 Stop selling and start listening! When you meet someone for the first time, to get to know them. Don’t try to sell them anything. Instead, begin to establish a relationship.

#3 Rather than telling a new contact all about yourself, spend your time asking them questions. It’s amazing how much you’ll learn!

#4  As a way of demonstrating your networking skills, introduce each new person you meet at least one other person.

** Note: keep your phone readily available.  People are more open to giving you their social media connection, i.e. Twitter, IG {Instagram}, SnapChat, Facebook… or whatever social media platform they offer you instead of a business card.

[3.]  Three (3) Tips on how to handle the gnats when networking. 


When you arrive at a networking event, be aware of the time you’re investing there. Also, remember you will meet people who are feeling a little unsure or insecure about being there.  This is not a time to be rude or short. You can be polite and forward and keep guard of your time when you meet that annoying gnat.


#1 If you happen to meet a gnat, and their conversation is dragging, politely let them know you only have 25 minutes to be at this event. Make sure you tell them it was great meeting them and recommend a great book: “Shareology” – How Sharing Is Powering The Human Economy” written by Bryan Kramer


#2 When you realize you’ve been listening to the gnat talk about themselves without taking one breath…  for the last 7 minutes…  you know it is time to move on along.  Politely let them know you see your friend across the room and you want to tell him/her thank you for inviting you to the event.  Shake their hand, smile and tell them it was nice meeting them. Exit.


#3 You will need to be direct, polite and to the point when you are stuck talking to a gnat. The more confident you are, the less concerned you’ll be about departing from the presence of the gnat.


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