Three Words That Will Get You What You Want


I wanna give you 3 Words That Will Get You What You Want – – or will get you on the path to what you want.

– In this world [especially the social media world] we live in… where a good writer is supposed to deliver messages about being positive and empowering it can be very sobering to know that we all go through ‘funk’ times… 


– Today I’ll admit that I am in a funk… not quite a depression, but just down about shit that is happening in my life.

The great news about this…  I know it’s temporary. I know this funk will pass and so will the dark black cloud… As humans, we all go through crap like this.

What’s even harder to accept, as a ‘creative’ who wants to help others feel awesome is whether or not to share this with my audience? I say, “share it” – because there is someone else out there who could read this and feel better about life, about their struggles or whatever other shit they are going through too.


– Like I always say… life is a process; everything is a process AND process is messy. If there’s anything I know for sure, most of us humans are actually turned-on or inspired when we see another person conquer their struggle or little demons…


– Sometimes it can be hard to kick those little demons nipping at our heels. – – Kick ’em to the curb I say! … and stomp on ’em like ca-ca-roaches [hey, that’s what my great-grandmother called them… and this has stuck with me since childhood. Damn ca-ca-roaches]


– Let’s get back to 3 Words That Will Get You What You Want – – or will get you on the path to what you want.


[1.] PERCEIVE [meaning: to become aware] Take a moment to realize exactly what it is that you want. Not just kinda, sorta want. You have to know exactly what you want. You know, that something that excites the crap outta you, makes your entire being come to life and feel amazing… this is your WHY.

When you find your WHY – – it will drive you daily down the path of satisfaction, creativity, and you’ll feel “whole” … not empty.


Take a moment to realize exactly what it is that you want. Not just kinda, sorta want.

[2.] UNDERSTAND – We love to hear about a bad situation where the ending was uber positive… That the person who was spiraling down picked themselves up and got out of their black hole.

You gotta get it in your gut that you can do it. If you don’t think you can, then you may need to do some work on your self-image and your skills.

Yes, both. I’m not saying you have to look like those fancy people in the magazine.

I’m saying be the best you that you can be. We are all born with factory installed gifts and talents.

Somewhere down your messy road of life, you took the wrong turn and you quit working on “YOU”. Hey, if you deep down in your gut don’t believe you can do it, either you need to dramatically improve the skills required to get there—which you can often do along the way—or your self-image needs a kick in the ass.

[3.] ACTION – Yepper, you knew this was coming… Take massive strides in the direction of what you want.

From personal experience I know for sure that you will encounter hurdles, obstacles, and setbacks when you are taking ‘actions’ to your dreams, your goals, that big ass project, that effort – – you are taking. It is just part of the molding process of turning you into the person you need to be to experience what it is you want to achieve.

These tests are an important part of the process. Like I always say, “Process is messy.”

So I hope these three words will help you in your great adventure to your dreams. You may not know all the steps you need to take to get to your destination. No worries… it does not matter; just figure out the first one—take it, and be tenacious as a motherfucker. The path will reveal itself to you as you go.


And like I mentioned, there will be little demons nipping at your heels like… self-doubt, fear, low self-image and other shit as you make your way to fulfilling your WHY. These nasty things will try to stand in your way at almost every step. Just stomp on them like ca-ca-roaches.

Keep shining!

~ Sharon

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4 thoughts on “Three Words That Will Get You What You Want

  1. We all have those moments of funk like you say. I agree with finding your why. Once I found it everything else seemed simpler but I still have to put work to reach those goals.

    1. Ahhh! yes… the WHY! As children grow this is one of the first question-words they use. As we grow into adults we stop using WHY… and just pound on through our daily routines never stopping to ask WHY. Keep shining, Leslie!

    1. Hello, Ivette! You are welcome. We all have challenges and sharing are authentic stories seems to help others on so many levels. Thank you for your comment. Have a rocking month! Cheers, Sharon

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