The Customer Focus: Two Types

In other words, what’s your prospect’s FOCUS? Let’s face it before they are your customer… they are your prospect.

 From sales pitches to marriage proposals, much of life depends on persuading people to take action. Researchers at Columbia Business School’s Motivation Science Center say people decide based on their primary FOCUS.

There are basically [2] types of FOCUS people have.
1st one… is prevention-focus –
These are not risk-takers who see new possibilities

2nd one… is promotion-focus –
These are risk-takers who see new possibilities

Improve your persuasiveness by adapting your message to appeal to the type of person hearing it, or make sure you include points that echo with BOTH types of people:

* Respond to pitches highlighting ‘benefits’
* Interested in the big picture
* Want to know the ‘Why’ related to their decision… example the purpose of a new product and it’s newness [modernity]

* Want assurance… they won’t make a mistake by buying it
* Interested in the nitty-gritty details
* Want to know the product is reliable and how it works


This post should help you to determine if your business needs a makeover in the ‘sales’ and ‘closing’ arena. If you are scared of ‘sales’… get over it. Everything in life is a ‘sale’. Maybe you should look at sales as simply building the relationship and becoming a problem-solver for your prospects and customers. You have to prove to be a trusted by supplying helpful information.

If a potential customer says, “I have to think about it…”  You tell them, “I need to apologize for not being able to solve your problem or take away your business pain.  My job is to remove business pains from my customers.  Was it something I failed to do?”  Let them know that they should close this sale with you because if they don’t… they are just going to have to go through the whole process somewhere else… with someone else – – and start all over.  And they don’t have to time to waste.

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