Battle Bots Inside Your Head

  Seems that part of the Human-Experience is having ‘battle-tested’ results where we all win or lose something in our lives. The daily functioning as a human who keeps on keeping on… can be challenging; you know like when you’re constantly second guessing your decisions or choices. This is not the way to live. How […]

Confessions of a New Blogger Part II

  As promised, I am going to give you Part II – Confessions of a New Blogger.  I will give you a list of the four secrets I use to get my writing done along with a short powerful story as to why I write.  I write for many reasons… this short story is just one of […]

A Girl Walks into Cocktails on Friday!

Welcome to  Cocktails on Friday’s.  Let’s get started!…remember you don’t need expensive tools to make a cocktail. I have to admit, I’ve totally used my finger to stir a drink because everything was in the dishwasher! Today we are going drinking in Panama! This week’s pick for Cocktails On Friday’s on behalf of our girlfriend, Award Winning Blogger, Cocktail Creator, and […]