Battle Bots Inside Your Head


Seems that part of the Human-Experience is having ‘battle-tested’ results where we all win or lose something in our lives.

The daily functioning as a human who keeps on keeping on… can be challenging; you know like when you’re constantly second guessing your decisions or choices.

This is not the way to live.

How do I know this?   I know this because I used to live this way.

Seems the older I get the more I know that I don’t have to eat all the shit sandwiches I get served [it just a metaphor in my head I jotted down…] just go with it…

If you’re constantly coming up against stressful challenges, you need to ask yourself:  “What sort of decisions am I making?”

“You are the sum of all your decisions.”

I recently experienced a personal family situation that brought me to fucking tears and even close to a panic attack. If you’ve ever experienced this… it is not good.

It is not good for your physical health

It is not good for your mental health

It is not good for your spirit [no matter how strong of a person you think you are].


“Who says you have to keep someone else’s circumstances?”

Sometimes you just have to tell someone to grow a pair of balls… and let them take on their own challenging circumstances.


I just wanted to shut everything down in my life… and start my life all over. You know when you tell yourself, “Knowing what I know now… I would do things differently.”

Then it occurred to me… Hell, just start over right now. This thought innocently popped into my head as I laid there on the floor in my bedroom with Lula, my amazing dog.

Maybe it was Lula’s telepathic communication telling me this as she gazed into my eyes.

Yeah, you think that sounds crazy?  It’s not.  My dog is the best damn therapist.  I believe my dog has been here before.  When I say this… I mean I believe she’s had several lives- I saw the movie A Dog’s Purpose.

She just looks at me and listens… and then she puts her paw on my shoulder like she understands everything I just poured out to her. She wags her tail; licks me one or two times on my cheek and then she want to play ball.

It’s like she is telling me, “O.K. you let it all out. Make your decisions. Move on. Let’s play ball.”

Philosophy of a dog:  Just start over right now.  Don’t take a week or two to think things over…  Don’t linger with bad thoughts for weeks.  Just start over now.


I like simple.

You like simple.

We all like simple.

So, no matter how shitty life can get if you have your health and you can think clearly and make your own decisions and choices…   you can beat those battle-bots in your head. Conquer them with your decisions and choices. You are not responsible for putting out all the ‘fires’ in your family’s lives.

Live in the present.

You cannot live tomorrow… it’s not here yet; unless you have some time machine. That’s only in…

And you sure damn well cannot live in past…

Life doesn’t get easier. You just get better at kicking its ass. Everything is temporary and…


So, how do I end this blog post?  Well, if we were sitting on my lawn having this chat with a cold beer, I would just lean over and give you a high-5.

Carry on!

Sharon ~


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