Where The Hell Did That Curse Word Come From?

~ THE ‘F’ WORD ~
As a creative writer, my curiosity of word origin intrigues me.

This is called etymology: The study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history


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There are a lot of theories behind the origins of the swear word, f*&# (meaning “to have sex” or “to meddle”).

It is believed that it originated from the Middle Dutch fokken, meaning “to thrust, copulate with.”

However, the truth behind the word still remains unknown because it was banned by the dictionary at the time it originated.

What we do know is the word was first seen written in 1495–1505.

In the second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary it appeared as fukkit and was later seen written by the poet Sir David Lyndesay as we know it today.

Thank you, poet-writer David Lyndesay

In the 1900s, it grew into a word used to describe a very bad mistake and to tell someone to leave you alone.



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This curse word (meaning “something bad” or “a mean person”) dates all the way back to the 1300s, originating from the Middle English word, arshole. Back then, it was mainly used to describe someone’s rear.

Fast forward to the 1930s, when the word became more commonly used in reference to a “contemptible” person.” Today, we tend to keep up with this usage, showcasing our extreme distaste for someone by calling them . . . this term.

(And, don’t forget the hole [ASSHOLE]  part of the word when you are going for this meaning because otherwise, you’re just calling that person a donkey.)


The word shit has been around since the early 1500s, and it is used mainly to describe an “obnoxious person.” The word stems from the Middle Dutch schiten and the Middle English shiten (meaning “to defecate”).

In the early 1920s, people began to use this curse word when describing something they don’t care about (not giving a shit). Then, in the 60s, it was used to refer to someone who was drunk or shitfaced. And, these days people use it to describe countries and locations they find unappealing (shithole anyone?)


While the word Bitch (or a “lewd woman” or “female dog”) is a rather common term these days (and can be used in both positive and negative ways.), back in the 1800s, it was considered more offensive than the word whore.

Bitch actually dates back to before the year 1000 though. (It could be featured as one of the oldest words in dictionary[dot]come) It originates from the Middle English word bicche. But, it wasn’t written until the 1400s when it was first seen in a theatrical play to describe a woman.

** This original post is from dictionary[dot]com

Which leads me to why would I name my blog The Bitchy Business Briefs?

In the ABOUT section of this blog, I  write:

What influenced you to create The Bitchy Business Briefs?

I established this blog August 2015 with the plan to share my hands-on experience as a woman entrepreneur who’s had a shit load of challenges…

I have managed to look at the positive side of my situations.

The blog has attracted 10,500 social media Followers|Connections…and we grow more everyday!

I know how hard it can be to juggle being a mom, a wife, a business owner, a community leader, exercising, eating right, closing the sale in all areas of life!

  I say, “Don’t be a little bitch.  Look for positive ways to get on with your life and be a kick-ass influence.”

I know people will judge this blog simply by its title.

That is alright.

We all judge.

It is in our nature… we even judge the fruit before we put it in our shopping cart.

This blog is not for everyone. It is for the forward thinker who doesn’t wait for approval.

 I am strong in my understanding – – that is why I choose to re-appropriate the definition of Bitchy – – it loses its power to hurt.

Give us a look. You will find some badassery information that will inspire you, make you smile, and possibly raise your eyebrows!

What value do I get for reading The Bitchy Business Briefs?

Bottom-line… you will get gratuitous, kick-ass information on the topics: how to get unstuck, how to polish your skills, how to take YOU,  your business, your life to another level.

I have experienced a sharp mentality shift in the last 12 months. We are all looking for pieces of real-life information, stories, interviews about how others have conquered a challenge and created their success.

So, that’s a wrap!

Today’s post was just the dirty low down on curse words!

I bet you learned something new!



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