Why do I write in the Bathroom?

Why do I write in the Bathroom?

…Because I get shit done [no pun intended]

I am a writer, mom, entrepreneur and a new author… [for the 2nd time]

I office from home. My home office is actually pretty cool. However, my household is a little chaotic.

I have mastered the art of finding comfort in chaos. Think of having to work while you’re in a swivel chair that doesn’t stop moving.

If you wait for everything to be perfect, you’re never going to get anything done.

There will always be an interruption, a change of plans, or some other shit that comes up you were not expecting.

Especially if your phone is blowing up with text messages, DM’s from social media, have a kid, dogs, hubby, and neighbor kids knocking on the door every day.

I discovered recently that I have complete satisfaction while I am in the bathroom.  …the satisfaction of the absence of companionship is actually sweet.



Just me.



Nobody else.

Do you get the picture? Well, if you don’t… let me describe this for you.

The bathroom is not just for taking a crap, showering, bathing, shaving, brushing my teeth, blowing dry my hair, or getting dressed.

Nope.  It is my little golden triangle production room.

Some of the best work ideas and writing manufacturing gets done here…

The bathroom offers me: Unstoppable organization of allowing me to group mini-projects quickly simply because there is nobody there to bother me.

My kid doesn't bother to ask me for a snack while I am in the bathroom. I wouldn’t ask anybody for a snack while they’re in the bathroom.

This small golden triangle production room lets me prioritize when I have just 10 mighty minutes to write.

The bathroom provides a systematization application of relevant experiences and good practices great brain-dumps.

If you follow me on social media, you know I am a big fan of lists… I enjoy creating valuable Top 10 Lists.

Well, brain-dumps are basically miniature Top 10 Lists.

Let me share with you the secret sauce technique I borrowed from James Altucher, Best-Selling, Author, Venture Capitalist, and Entrepreneur: Every day I quickly write 10 ideas [good or bad], blog titles, copy titles… this is done while I am in the bathroom. Not while I am actually taking a shit…

I escape to my bathroom; it’s become an extra little office I use several times a day.  I use the toilet as a chair, the vanity as a desk, and the tiny shelf stores my pens, markers, and notebooks.

I use the toilet as a chair, the vanity as a desk, and the tiny shelf stores my pens, markers, and notebooks.

Let me explain with this picture:

Your bathroom can be like a tiny little office if you want it to be… Or you simply use it for what it was designed to be…  the room where you take a crap.

Where did the word crap come from?  I love word origin [etymology]

Crapper name origin

Thomas Crapper is credited with improving the early flush toilet but he did not invent the toilet from scratch. The device was created by Sir John Harington in 1596 Yorkshire, England.

I write for us. The ‘us‘ who are odd, adaptable, resourceful, and who cannot be calculated by a statistics.

This is a small batch story from my days here in Casa Zapata.

Go out and make something happen today! ...or don't go out, just go to your bathroom.Cheers!



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