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  Hi, I am Sharon Lee Zapata.  I am a Latina entrepreneur, a thinker, a writer, a self-growth enthusiast, a mom and a kick-ass wife… And the creator of The Bitchy Business Briefs.  I started this project back in August 2015 with the idea to reveal ways to share my experiences while discovering ways to improve my life and bring value to others.  I named it The Bitchy Business Briefs because it grabs attention [this is the #1 challenge for most entrepreneurs… getting attention] and it creates curiosity!

Just like in life, we love attention and we are curious creatures.  We pursue things that are different because there is nothing more enlightening  than a fresh platform. This keeps us moving. This keeps us growing. We all like discovering something new and real.   I write about business, life lessons, self-development, and I create smarty-ass  quotes.  Do not be surprised if you raise your eyebrows when you read some crazy shit that generates a positive feeling and brings value!

This platform is created from real-life experience…being in the trenches as an entrepreneur 15 + years, having the courage to overcome challenges, juggle work, kids, relationships, etc.  I admit The Bitchy Business Briefs with its quick blog postings, business tips, products, interviews from other successful women & men will help you to think outside-the-box!

Hey, you know what?…There is NO BOX!



I know some people will judge this book by its cover [metaphorically speaking]. I also know that not everyone is going to like this title…but hey, this platform is not for everyone. I am secure in my understanding – – that is why I choose to re-appropriate the definition of Bitchy – – it loses its power to hurt.  Somebody has to write what the rest of us are thinking.


Take a look around this blog site. You will read some surprising posts on life experience, business experience, and information that will inspire you to become a kick-ass person of value!

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