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Hi, I am Sharon Lee Zapata.  I am an entrepreneur, a thinker, a self-growth enthusiast… blogger-in-chief and creative-head writer at The Bitchy Business Briefs where I write about [BUSINESS.LIFE LESSONS.SMARTY-ASS QUOTES.COCKTAILS.]

Sharon suffers from having misdirected energy and creativity… So she creates SMARTY-ASS quotes and keeps a lot of tiny notepads around her home to write them down.  This is actually her therapy instead of taking pills.

A proud wife and mom to a 9-year old son and grown-up son, she requires an obscene amount of caffeine to get her through most days.

She is a giver of unsolicited opinions and creator of smarty-ass quotes and memes, using her gifts of sarcasm and persuasion to communicate. She doesn’t play well with egomaniacs, assholes, or bigots – they should keep a safe distance from her. Sharon and her awesome husband are raising their family in Houston, TX where they also share their home with 2 rescues doggos and 1 rescue ninja cat.

As the creator of The Bitchy Business Briefs.  I started this project back in August 2015 with the idea to reveal ways to share my experiences while discovering ways to improve my life and bring value to others.

Helping others to believe in themselves and to become a kickass-ass person of value are just a few of the reasons I created this platform.  When you are here, I want you to feel unstoppable, inspired, and ready to take action in your business and personal life!

I named it The Bitchy Business Briefs because it grabs attention [this is the #1 challenge for most entrepreneurs… getting attention] and it creates curiosity!

Just like in life, we love attention and we are curious creatures.  We pursue things that are different because there is nothing more enlightening than a fresh platform. This keeps us moving. This keeps us growing. We all like discovering something new and real.

Do not be surprised if you raise your eyebrows when you read some crazy shit that generates a positive feeling and brings value!

This platform is created from real-life experience…being in the trenches as an entrepreneur 15 + years, having the courage to overcome challenges, juggle work, kids, relationships, etc.  I admit my quick blog postings, business tips, products, interviews from other successful women & men will help you to think outside-the-box!

Hey, you know what?…There is NO BOX!



I know some people will judge this book by its cover [metaphorically speaking]. I also know that not everyone is going to like this title…but hey, this platform is not for everyone. I am secure in my understanding – – that is why I choose to re-appropriate the definition of Bitchy – – it loses its power to hurt.  Somebody has to write what the rest of us are thinking.

Take a look around this blog site. You will read some surprising posts on life experience, business experience, and information that will inspire you to become a kick-ass person of value!

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