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I know what it’s like to be dead-ass broke and I know what it’s like to create $10,000 in 30 days from just an idea.  I have had to breathe life into a new project, an old project… get the momentum when I have felt like stopping.

What I know for sure is that every successful small, medium and large business owner has experienced 99% of these 20 Lessons.  

So, why should you buy this book?

  • Everyone has a story…
  • Very few people take the time to use their  #10FingerTips to write and share their stories
  • Bring value to the marketplace.
  • You’ll have brighter ideas, think outside the box… Hey, you know what!?…there is no box!
  • You’ll tweak what you are currently doing in your business.
  • Increase your client base
  • Increase your income and lose weight.   Seriously, check out Lesson #3!
  • You learn that most people are attracted to intellect and humor


#1  We are judged by what we finish, not by what we start

#2  Break Some Rules and Rewrite Some New Ones

#3  Exercise + Sleep + Eating Healthy = Your Productive Energy

#6  The Problem is Not the Problem; the Problem is your attitude about the problem

#9  Trust Your Gut [if your gut says they’re an asshole… they probably are]

#20 Success is only rented… you have to work smarter and harder every day

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How to Escape the Lack of Success … have you ever been dissatisfied?

I have felt a struggling sense of inadequacy at times. I have wondered if I could really find real-life solutions to improve myself.

I am going to help you examine any situation you are currently dissatisfied in…whether it is your career, your job, your relationships, etc… Basically, you are going to learn how to turn your wounds into wisdom.

I know this for sure: My past experiences and my decisions have brought me to where I am today. Period.  Nobody to blame.  My education or my lack of education has helped me create my outlook on my life.  Period. Nobody to blame.


Chapter 1 Wounds to Wisdom

Have you ever gone to a place where you knew you weren’t supposed be?

Stay with me …this is good… maybe it has happened to you too?

In my 30’s, I was a single mom and I was invited to a party where I only knew one person.  My friend had invited me to help celebrate her new job promotion with some of her friends.

When I walked into the room, this negative self-talk said, “Sharon, I believe you have just walked into a room of excellence knowing you’re the mistake?” 

Whoa! This was was a some seriouls strong self-talk…

As I talked to myself…this was the changing point in my life when I realized I have to get better if I want my life to get better.

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