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This is more than just a blog…  This is the on-line neighborhood that helps you cut through all the bullshit and gives real life experience, hands-on advice for Out-of-The-Box Thinkers, Dreamers, Creatives,  Action Takers and Savvy Entrepreneurs.   Don’t sit on the sidelines in the game of life.

Meet Sharon

What value do I get for reading The Bitchy Business Briefs?

Bottom-line…you will get gratuitous, kick-ass information on the topics: how to get unstuck, how to polish your skills, how to take YOU,  your business, your life  to another level.

I have experienced a sharp mentality shift in the last 12 months. We are all looking for pieces of  real-life information, stories, interviews about how others have conquered a challenge and created their success.

What influenced you to create The Bitchy Business Briefs?

I established this blog August 2015 with the plan to share my hands-on experience as a Latina entrepreneur who has had a shit load of challenges… I have managed to look at the positive side of my situations. The blog has attracted 9,500 social media Followers|Connections…and we grow more everyday!

I know how hard it can be to juggle being a mom, a wife, a business owner, a community leader, exercising, eating right, closing the sale in all areas of life!   I say, “Don’t be a little bitch.  Look for positive ways to get on with your life and be a kick-ass influence.”

I know people will judge this blog simply by its title. That is alright. We all judge. It is in our nature…we even judge the fruit before we put it in our shopping cart. This blog is not for everyone.  I am  strong in my understanding – – that is why I choose to re-appropriate the definition of Bitchy – – it loses its power to hurt.  Give us a look. You will find some badassery information that will inspire you, make you smile, and possibly raise your eyebrows!

Why did you have a purple hummingbird to your logo? Isn’t it a bit overused ?

Yes, it is overused but this specific purple hummingbird resembles more than you think. If you find the meaning behind the purple hummingbird, email it to me and if it is right I will send you a present.

What do you usually write about?

Somebody has to write what the rest of us are thinking.

My writing style is brief and to the point.  It includes personal experiences, pontificated messages, and inspiration.  I like sharing and bringing value to my audience. Topics on business, life lessons, entrepreneurs, networking, social media,  interviews from influencers, and anything that revolves around the practical philosophy of self-development.  Oh, yeah, I create some smarty-ass quotes too!  You can also expect a fun Cocktails on Fridays post!

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