A Girl Walks into Cocktails on Friday!

Welcome to  Cocktails on Friday’s.  Let’s get started!…remember you don’t need expensive tools to make a cocktail. I have to admit, I’ve totally used my finger to stir a drink because everything was in the dishwasher! Today we are going drinking in Panama! This week’s pick for Cocktails On Friday’s on behalf of our girlfriend, Award Winning Blogger, Cocktail Creator, and […]

Cocktails on Friday with Roxor Artisan Gin!

You wouldn’t know it from looking at my blog The Bitchy Business Briefs, that I’ve been an active cocktail drinker for many years. Not like I have a drinking problem… I mean like, I’ve experienced enough alcohol in my life to know what is bad, good, and amazing! … or in my vocabulary, amazeballs!   Disclosure: […]

2 Cocktails on Friday! Blackberry Jalapeno Margarita & Carrot Cucumber Margarita

Cocktails on Friday! Ode to the COCKTAILS ON FRIDAY’S!  Here is this week’s pick: We are tickled pink about having none other than Vianney Rodriguez, Award Winning & Nationally Recognized Cocktail Creator/Food Blogger!  AND co-author of Latina Twist [traditional & modern cocktails] as our guest!  She is definitely an INFLUENCER!  Today we are posting two awesome cocktails […]